Stuck Here Forever
Stuck Here Forever Stuck Here Forever from The Spacepimps


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This Sophomore release for The SpacePimps helps clearly define the distinction between pop punk in 2010, and the real way pop punk should be. Stuck Here Forever encapsulates the following situation: It's Friday afternoon and you just got off work or school. This record documents the mayhem, fun, heartbreak, and nostalgia that occurs from that moment until Monday morning when the week starts all over again.

Track Listing:
1. DIY �Til We Die
2. Trust Comes Tough
3. The Guide to Ruining Your Life
4. She Had It Coming
5. 2003
6. Running Away (Leave the Light On)
7. This One�s For You, Mandy Moore
8. Hillcrest
9. When Music Mattered
10. The Downside of Growing Up
11. The Other Side
12. Confessions of an Independent Band

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