To Reconcile
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To Reconcile To Reconcile from Gilgal Clothing



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In contract to grey and black, simple stokes of green and red paint the story of a fatherís initiation and sacrifice. In blatant rejection and pride the people of Godís earth have fallen from perfection and communion with their maker. Helpless we are destined to accept the justice that flows from the hand of the Almighty. We owe our lives for our mistakes, for our very nature. Yet, the Son of God found His place on a crude cross while our mocking fists waved in ignorant rebellion. As the chill of the night swept once more over this hill of death, our accusing voices joined the echoing throng. Yet, there He willingly remained with the life slowly running from His body with each drop of blood.....for us, for our reconciliation. His life became the perfect sacrifice our words and deeds fail to be. The price needed for restored relationships between the creator and the creation was paid, and no power of hell can convince us otherwise.

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