Point (Remaster) Deluxe LP
Point (Remaster) Deluxe LP Point (Remaster) Deluxe LP from Cornelius


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Remastered Double LP of Cornelius’ classic album Point. Comes on 180g blue and white color vinyl and includes a phenakistoscope animation insert.

Track List
1. Bug (Electric Last Minute)
2. Point of View Point
3. Smoke
4, Drop
5. Another View Point
6. Tone Twilight Zone
7. Bird Watching at Inner Forest
8. I Hate Hate
9. Brazil
10. Fly
11. Nowhere
12. Point of View Point (Yann Tomita Mix)
13. Drop (The Tusen Takk Rework - Kings of Convenience Remix)
14. Drop (Herbert’s Kangaroo Dub - Matthew ‘Cactus’ Herbert Mix

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