A Good Storm LP
A Good Storm LP A Good Storm LP from Sawyer Fredericks


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Sawyer's A Good Storm Vinyl contains all of your favorites from the CD, including: Sawyer's Single, Take It All, This Fire(the duet with Mia Z), Stranger and 4 Pockets. Additionally, this vinyl includes two bonus tracks not included in the May 2016 release -Any of My Trouble and Silent World. Also included is an exclusive, previously unreleased Lissy Elle photo of Sawyer on the album sleeve. Sawyer believes strongly in environmental accountability and, therefore, decided against wrapping each album in polymer plastic -- a one-time use product that is neither environmentally friendly nor biodegradable. Sawyer has, however, made a limited number of copies with a resealable plastic album sleeve (available at an additional cost). Photographer/Visual Artist Lissy Elle also photographed and edited Sawyer's A Good Storm Album Art cover. To see more of Lissy Elle's work visit: www.lissyelle.com/

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