OWN YOUR HAPPINESS Baseball Tee OWN YOUR HAPPINESS Baseball Tee from Not Adam And Steve


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We've been racking our brains for months and months trying to come up with a slogan that really encapsulates what our whole "Shepsexual", Not Adam And Steve brand is all about. It's not just about us; it's not just about gay couples or LGBT rights...it's about living your life for yourself and pursuing what makes you happy. No one else is responsible for your happiness but you.

It's with that in mind that we proudly launch our "Own Your Happiness" line, a slogan and design that really showcases what we're all about. It's a chance for you to remind yourself to pursue what makes you happy, and it's an opportunity for you to share that very important message with everyone you meet. So go out there and do what makes you happy! Your time in this life is limited, so it's time to make it count!

Grey design printed on a burgundy and white, 100% cotton American Apparel raglan. Happiness included (but it's your job to hold onto it).

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