HAPPY Tee (Baby Blue)
HAPPY Tee (Baby Blue) HAPPY Tee (Baby Blue) from Not Adam And Steve


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It's the design that was so good, Target got "inspired" to make one just like it!

People use tee shirts to express a lot of things...their opinions, their thoughts, their appreciation for their favorite band or movie or TV show or book or video game, their distaste for someone else, their addiction to social media, the list goes on. But rather than make another tee with some catchy or clever slogan or logo, we wanted instead to make something that spreads good vibes wherever you go. Sure, rainbows make people think of gays, and "gay" is an old-timey word for "happy". But it's not about that. Instead, we want this tee to be an instant mood-booster the minute you pull it out of your drawer or closet, and we want it to radiate your happy mood to everyone around you. If other people think your shirt is gay, that's on them. You're just trying to spread love <3

Multi color design printed on a baby blue, 100% cotton American Apparel tee. Happiness included (but it's your job to hold onto it).

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