The Prozacs- Live At CBGB
The Prozacs- Live At CBGB The Prozacs- Live At CBGB from Cheapskate Records


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The Prozacs are one of the most underrated pop-punk bands out there today. Maybe it's just because their name hasn't been spread as much as it should be - but with new release, and tour plans in the works, hopefully that will all change soon. Playing a style most closely comparable to Screeching Weasel, and maybe The Queers, The Prozacs are a high energy, up-beat group ready to take the world by storm. This CD was recorded live during a last-minute addition to a show at the legendary CBGBs. Good sound quality on the live set, which is 14 songs long, and 2 bonus tracks added which are proper studio recordings. Great band, great dudes, great release.

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