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Keller Williams' mesmerizing guitar work, infectious melodies, and vibrant energy have garnered him the reputation as one of today's most inspiring musical pioneers. Dubbed a "one-man band for the new century," Keller is the only musician on his stage. With this release, this mad scientist of music finds himself back Home. No need to wipe your feet. Just come on in.

Track List:
1. Love Handles
2. Apparition
3. Tubeular
4. Victory Song
5. Butt Ass Nipple
6. Dogs
7. Skitso
8. Moving Sidewalk
9. Sheebs
10. Above The Thunder
11. Art
12. Casa Quetzal
13. Bitch Monkey
14. You Are What You Eat
15. Zilla
16. Sorry From The Shower

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