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Keller Williams has always had the unexplainable need to make listeners grin, smile, and Laugh. With his sixth CD release Laugh, Keller perfectly exhibits his playful spirit without diminishing his musical genius and technical expertise. Offering fifteen dynamic songs, Laugh is a truly inspired album by one of today's most gifted and understated musicians.

Track List:
1. Freeker By The Speaker
2. One Hit Wonder
3. Hunting Charlie
4. Alligator Alley
5. Spring Buds
6. Mental Instra
7. Vabeeotchay
8. Bob Rules
9. Freakshow
10. Gallivanting
11. God Is My Palm Pilot
12. Crooked
13. Old Lady From Carlsbad
14. Kidney In A Cooler
15. Freeker Repise

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