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Our one-man-band, Keller Williams, is releasing an album that highlights his awe-inspiring live performances. Stage brings YOU front row to experience Keller's technical virtuosity and wicked sense of humor. This two CD set is a live compilation of Keller's 2003 tour. Stage Left (west coast) showcases the attentive energy of a seated listening audience while Stage Right (east coast) explores the seat less dancing party vibe. Like his live shows, Stage doesn't miss a beat of the singular musical style that has critics and fans hailing Keller Williams as "a true American original" and a "must-see performer." No need to buy a ticket, Stage is your VIP badge for some the best live music of 2003.

Track List:
Stage Left
1. Tubeular
2. Rapper's Delight
3. Skitso
4. Under Pressure
5. Shinjuku
6. Keep It Simple
7. Dance of the Freek
8. Blazeabago
9. Let's Go Dancing
10. Blazeabago
11. Moondance
12. Star Gate
13. Hum Diddly Eye
14. One Way Johnny
15. Novelty Song

Stage Right
1. Shapes of M&M's
2. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
3. Dudelywah
4. Bird Song
5. For What It's Worth
6. Prelude to a Cracker
7. Cracker Ass Cracker
8. Zilla a Trois
9. Gate Crashers Suck
10. Balcony Baby
11. Celebrate Your Youth
12. My Sisters and Brothers > Boob Job

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