Keller & The Keels Grass CD
Keller & The Keels Grass CD Keller & The Keels Grass CD from Keller Williams


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Keller Williams' self released album Grass is a delightfully bizarre collection of anything-but-traditional bluegrass songs. Like most recordings from Keller, Grass is self indulgent and possibly offensive to those who lack a sense of humor, but Keller had a damn good time recording it.

For the project Keller teamed up with old buddy and award-winning flat picker Larry Keel on guitar, and Larry's beautiful rock-solid in-the-pocket acoustic bass playing wife, Jenny Keel. The result is an organic and airy acoustic record featuring 10 songs, originals and unexpected cover tunes, that yield to a pure love of music. Grass makes it better.

Track List:
1. Goof Balls
2. Another Brick In The Wall
3. Mary Jane's Last Breakdown
4. Stunt Double
5. New Horizons
6. Loser
7. Crater In The Back Yard
8. Dupree's Diamond Blues
9. Local
10. I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail

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