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"For my 14th release, I went with studio versions of road tested favorites. The only exception would be the the first track ("Environmental Song") which has never before been played live. This collection of tunes was recorded and mixed by Jeff Covert at Wally Cleaver's Recording Studio in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He as well as Jay Starling, Claude Arthur and Doug Henderson make audio appearances, but this record is primarily a solo effort with me playing all the instruments (with the exception of a few drum loops). The art work was created by Richard Biffle. The idea came from the lyrics of my science fiction bluegrass song "Elephorse", which is of course a cross between an elephant and a horse. But don't be confused. That's not the elephorse on the cover but the flying 2 headed dragon that befriends it. Please enjoy!" - Keller

Track List:
1. Environmental Song
2. Day At The Office
3. Spartan Darn It
4. Groove Of The Storm
5. Elephorse
6. Lost
7. Warning
8. Tundra
9. Ultimate
10. Doobie In My Pocket
11. Ear Infection
12. Song For Fela

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