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With his sixteenth album and appropriately titled, Kids, Keller stakes out his next conquest - the adoration of the under-10 crowd and their parents, caregivers, and relatives. Keller creates a style of family music that's all his own and reaches his young audience in a way that matters. For the album, Keller takes influences of traditional bluegrass, "Chester & Lester" innovative guitar technique, Robin Williams, and Bobby McFerrin and transports them to warp level.

Track List:
1. My Neighbor Is Happy Again
2. Car Seat
3. Because I Said So
4. Hula Hoop To Da Loop
5. Horse Back Rider
6. Taking A Bath
7. Good Advice
8. Keep It On The Paper
9. Hey Little Baby
10. Mama Tooted
11. Soakie Von Soakerman
12. Lucy Lawcy
13. Grandma's Feather Bed
14. The Fastest Song In The World

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